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Chapter 10
On the following morning, Miss Lucas came to Longbourn soon after breakfast. In a private meeting with Elizabeth, she told her of the events from the day before.
**It had occurred once to **Elizabeth within the last day or two that Mr. Collins’s might believe himself to be in love with her friend,

Chapter 14
Elizabeth was sitting by herself the next morning, writing to Jane while Mrs. Collins and Maria were gone to the nearby village, when she was startled (使惊讶) by a ring at the door.
Since she had heard no carriage, she thought it might be Lady Catherine.
When the door opened, to her very great surprise, Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Darcy only, entered the room.
流浪猫帮自闭男孩走出孤独,傲慢与偏见。After a couple of polite remarks on either side, the conversation seemed to be in danger of falling into awkward silence.
Finally, Mr. Darcy said, “This seems a very comfortable house. I believe Lady Catherine had a lot of work done on it before Mr. Collins moved in.”
“And he is certainly very grateful for her kindness,” Elizabeth replied.
“Mr. Collins appears to be very fortunate in his choice of a wife.”
“Yes, indeed, she is one of the very few sensible (明智的) women who would have accepted him, or made him happy if they had.
My friend has an excellent understanding—though I am not certain that I consider her marrying Mr. Collins as the wisest thing she ever did.
She seems perfectly happy, however, and from a practical point of view, it is certainly a very good match for her.”

Even simple tasks used to be fraught with difficulty for Fraser Booth. The four-year-old, who is autistic, easily became overwhelmed by everyday events, resulting in tears and temper tantrums。对弗雷哲-布施来讲,就终于简单的事务也很拮据。四周岁的弗雷哲患有自闭症,通常因为一小点麻烦事大哭大闹。

  • '' 「it occurs to sb. that…」:“有些人赫然想到…”
  • '' 【from a practical point of view】从实用的角度来讲。from... point of view 意思是"从…的理念来看"
    This conversation was soon put an end to by the entrance of Charlotte and Maria returning from their walk.
    They were surprised to see Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth alone together, and Mr. Darcy explained that he had been expecting the other ladies to be at home as well.After sitting a few minutes longer without saying much to anybody, Mr. Darcy then went away.
    “What can be the meaning of this?” said Charlotte, as soon as he was gone.
    “My dear Eliza, he must be in love with you, or he would never have visited us in this familiar way.”
  • '' 【familiar】在这里意思是 overly free and unrestrained(极度随意、不受约束)

Then Billy the stray cat came along. Abandoned by his previous owner and rescued from a boarded-up council house by a charity, he had not had the easiest start to life. But since their first meeting, Fraser and Billy have been inseparable – and the moggy has helped bring the little boy out of his shell。接着流浪小猫Billy出现了。Billy的运气并不走运,曾遭前任主人放弃。后被慈善团体从一间木制廉租房中国救亡剧团出。从她们首先次会师起先,弗雷哲和Billy就再也从不分开过。有了那只小猫,那些男儿童才足以走出团结的世界。

but she thought it impossible that Charlotte would encourage his affection. She was so astonished that she could not help crying out:
“Engaged (订婚) to Mr. Collins! My dear Charlotte—that’s impossible!”
Miss Lucas’s calmness was suddenly replaced by confusion. Still, it was *no more than **she had expected,* and she soon calmed down again and replied:“Why should you be so surprised, my dear Eliza?

But when Elizabeth and Charlotte considered the matter further, that did not seem very likely.
Mr. Darcy did not seem at ease—he seemed to be there by necessity rather than by choice, and seemed to have great difficulty in making conversation.
Colonel Fitzwilliam’s laughing at his occasional awkwardness showed that he was not always awkward, which Elizabeth would not otherwise have been able to guess.
Charlotte would have liked to believe that Darcy was in love with Elizabeth, but while he certainly looked at her a great deal,
the meaning of his looks was far from clear—sometimes Charlotte doubted if there was much admiration in them.
After various guesses, they could at last only suppose his visit was caused by the difficulty of finding anything interesting to do at that time of year,
when all outdoor sports and amusements were over.
More than once Elizabeth, in her walks within the nearby grounds of Rosings, unexpectedly met with Mr. Darcy.
She felt all the awkwardness of these unfortunate meetings, and to prevent such a thing from ever happening again,she made sure to tell him which were her favorite places for taking walks.
It was therefore very odd when she met him in the grounds a second time, and even a third! He never said very much, nor did he pressure her into talking or listening for very long.
Still it seemed that he was asking some odd and unconnected questions, about how she liked Mr. Collins’s house,
her love of solitary (独自的) walks, and her opinion of Mr. and Mrs. Collins’s happiness.
One day on her walk she was happy to see Colonel Fitzwilliam, rather than Mr. Darcy, walking toward her, and took the opportunity to start a conversation.
“Do you certainly leave Kent on Saturday?” she said.
“Yes—if Darcy does not put it off again. He arranges the business just as he pleases.”
I do not know anybody who seems more to enjoy the power of doing what he likes than Mr. Darcy,” Elizabeth replied.
“We all like to have our own way,” replied Colonel Fitzwilliam, “But Darcy has more chances to do so because he is rich.”
“If your cousin brought you down with him chiefly to have someone with him who does what they are told,
I wonder he does not marry, to secure a lasting arrangement of that kind.
But perhaps his sister does as well for now, and, as she is under his care, he may do what he likes with her.”
“No,” said Colonel Fitzwilliam, “that is an advantage which he must divide with me. I am also a guardian (守护者) of Miss Darcy.”
“What sort of guardians (守护者) are you? Does she give you much trouble?
Young ladies of her age are sometimes a little difficult to manage, and if she has the true Darcy spirit, she may like to have her own way.”
For some reason what she had just said seemed to upset Colonel Fitzwilliam, so she tried to reassure (使安心) him:
“Do not worry. I have never heard anything against her, and she is probably the most obedient girl in the world.
She is a very great favorite with some ladies of my acquaintance, Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley. I think I have heard you say that you know them.”
“I know them a little. Their brother is a pleasant gentlemanlike (绅士的) man—he is a great friend of Darcy’s.”
“Oh! Yes,” said Elizabeth sarcastically; “Mr. Darcy is very kind to Mr. Bingley, and takes an enormous amount of care of him.”
“Yes, I believe Darcy does take care of him in those points where he most needs care.
From something that he told me on our journey, I have reason to think Bingley owes him a great debt.(人情债)”
“What do you mean?”“It is something which Darcy would not wish to be generally known, because_ if it were to_ be heard by the lady’s family, it would be an unpleasant thing.”

Now, whether it’s playtime, storytime or bedtime, Billy is there to offer a reassuring paw. And he is the first to sense when Fraser is getting frustrated, calming him down with a cuddle or comforting purr。未来,不管是游玩、听轶事依然睡眠,Billy总是伴随在弗雷哲的身边。Billy总是第一个意识弗雷哲的衰颓心情,并用本身的搂抱与温柔的喵喵声安抚弗雷哲。

  • '' 「no more than…」:“只是,可是是”;在预料之中
  • '' 【be generally known】被分布传播
  • '' 【if it were to…, it would…】是三个虚拟条件句

Fraser’s mother Louise said: ‘If 弗雷泽 is around or playing in the garden, Billy is never far away. It is like he is watching Fraser and calming his behaviour. He always appears when Fraser is getting upset and offers his head close to Fraser’s to reassure him and recently, when Fraser was poorly, Billy sat on his lap all day。弗雷哲的亲娘露易丝说:“ 弗雷哲在公园里玩或是边上的时候,比利总是在一旁守着,好像在瞅着安抚他的规范。弗雷哲闹腾的时候,他都会在,用头去临近他安抚他。近些日子弗雷哲的病状比较严重,他就天天坐在他的大腿上。”

Do you think it is unbelievable that any woman could be attracted by Mr. Collins, because he was not lucky enough to succeed with you?”
But Elizabeth had now calmed down herself as well, and made a strong effort to assure (确保) Charlotte that she wished her all imaginable happiness.
Charlotte did not stay much longer, and Elizabeth was then left to think over what she had heard.
She had always felt that Charlotte’s opinion of marriage was not exactly like her own, but she had not believed it was possible that Charlotte would become the wife of Mr. Collins!
It upset Elizabeth to see her friend disgrace (使丢脸) herself in such a way. Worse than this, however,was the distressing (使优伤的) thought that it was impossible for her friend to be happy in the life she had chosen.
Elizabeth was sitting with her mother and sisters, reflecting on what she had heard.She was considering whether she was allowed to mention it, when Sir William Lucas himself appeared to announce the engagement to the family.
Mrs. Bennet and Lydia declared without much politeness that he must be entirely mistaken, but Sir William’s good manners carried him through the situation, and he listened to both of them with great civility even as he continued to insist on the truth of his information.

“You may trust me not to mention it.”
“What he told me was that he congratulated himself on having recently saved a friend from a most unwise marriage.
I suspect it to be Bingley because he is the kind of young man to get into a situation of that sort, and I know he and my cousin were together the whole of last summer.”
“Did Mr. Darcy give you reasons for this interference (干涉) ?”
“I understood that there were some very strong objections against the lady.”
Elizabeth made no answer, and walked on, boiling with anger inside(怒火中烧). After watching her a little, Fitzwilliam asked her why she was so thoughtful.
“I am thinking of what you told me,” said she. “Your cousin’s conduct does not suit my feelings. Why was he to be the judge?
What gave him the right to decide in what manner his friend was to be happy? But,” she continued, recollecting herself,
“as we do not know the details, it is not fair to condemn him. We cannot suppose that there was much affection in the case.”
“That may be so,” said Fitzwilliam, “but it is, it makes my cousin’s success much less impressive.”
Elizabeth did not trust herself with an answer, and quickly changed the subject. Once back in her own room, she could think without interruption about all that she had heard.
It must have been Bingley: there could not exist in the world two men over whom Mr. Darcy could have such unlimited influence.
She had never doubted that he had been involved in separating Bingley and Jane, but she had always believed that it was primarily Miss Bingley’s idea.
But in fact Mr. Darcy was the cause—his pride and desire to have his own way were the cause—of all that Jane had suffered, and still continued to suffer.
He had ruined every hope of happiness for the most affectionate, generous heart in the world; and no one could say how lasting an evil he might have inflicted (造成) .
“There were some very strong objections against the lady,” were Colonel Fitzwilliam’s words, and those strong objections probably were,
her having one uncle who was a country lawyer, and another who was in business in London.